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Meet the 2017-2018 E-Board!


Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz is from Dallas, Texas. She’s a second-generation Mexican American, and is working on her Spanish by watching novelas. Vanessa is a big advocator for self-love, self-care, and body love. The journey to loving yourself is a power trip, but she asks you to be patient with yourself. She would very much love to see the dismantling of our capitalist imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative patriarchy, but until that day comes, she will settle for taking selfies with puppies, cats, and squirrels.


Maddie Hengst

Maddie is a Public Relations major from Cleveland, Ohio. Her greatest accomplishment was sneaking two live turtles through TSA with her mom, and also publishing a research paper examining gender identity and linguistic practice in The Descent of Alette. She hopes to revolutionize the misogynistic field of advertising, but until then she will watch romantic comedies and talk about how much she loves Cleveland with obnoxious frequency.


Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith loves chocolate, reading, and dismantling kyriarchy. She’s from San Francisco and studies politics philosophy & law here in SoCal. Lauren is a big believer in empowerment through collaboration, and also caffeine.


Minerva Solís

Minerva Solis is a senior from Los Angeles majoring in International Relations and Spanish. She’s a supporter of intersectional feminism, woke memes, and collective liberation. In her free time Minerva enjoys dismantling the patriarchy and worshipping Beyoncé.


Sarah Yanni

Sarah is a senior from The San Fernando Valley majoring in Narrative Studies. Her passions include cooking vegan food, watching dog videos, and sending intersectional feminist memes to her friends. In her spare time, you can probably find Sarah at a concert downtown or FaceTiming with her cousins in Mexico. She joined WSA to find a community of people who also got hyped about social justice.


Elisa Apra

Elisa Aprà is a vegan chef extraordinaire and a zine fiend, not to mention our rad director of graphic design! They were born in Torino, Italy, but grew up in Richland, Washington and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Fun fact: they haven’t worn jeans in 4 years!! That’s commitment. They are currently an art major, but are hoping not to be by the end of the year. Elisa got involved with WSA because a bunch of people told them when they first got to USC that they would enjoy it, and they were 100% right!


Kortney Casanova

Kortney Casanova is from La Crescenta, California. She is an International Relations Global Business Major with a minor in Environmental Studies. Kortney plays roller derby with the L.A. Derby Dolls and her top three favorite things in life are peach rings, tea, and glitter. Kortney is passionate about self-awareness and examination of identity through practices like journaling and meditation. She joined WSA in an effort to further understand the effect of gender on identity and quality of life.


Tessa Meurer

Tessa is a third year from Milwaukee studying neuroscience and global health. When she’s not busy planning Body Love events for WSA, she loves buying passive aggressive feminist T-shirts and exploring coffee shops around LA. She is passionate about social justice and intersectional feminism, and loves how WSA provides a space for rad womyn to work together.


Marina Salazar

Marina Salazar is a proud Siberian Husky owner. She is a Policy, Planning and Development major with an emphasis in Sustainable Planning and Development. When she’s not busy playing with dogs or making the world a greener place, she enjoys programming dope body love events! She loves how WSA cultivates an open and accepting environment, and got involved with the organization so that she could learn more about feminism and self-care.


Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore is a Sociology major from Detroit, Michigan. She got involved with WSA to learn about feminism in a safe and judgmental free space and spread her womanist & #blackgirlmagic vibes across campus, which we think is pretty rad. Courtney loves going to concerts, and her favorite band is the Internet. She has attended over 20 concerts and Beyoncé’s was a life changing experience.

Fem Fest Co-Director:

Alexandra Valenti (she/ her/ hers)

picture coming soon!

Fem Fest Co-Director:

Allegra Rosenberg (she/ her/ hers)

picture coming soon!

Allegra Rosenberg is from South Pasadena, California. She’s in a band and that’s pretty cool I guess.