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Signature Events

Fem Fest

Hosted by the Women’s Student Assembly, FemFest is an annual feminist music festival to fight back against the pesky patriarchal music industry. FemFest is about creating safe(r), welcoming and comfortable spaces for everyone. This festival provides an alternative to the sexist hetero/cisnormative campus culture, introduces students to radical politics and to our space, and encourages artists to take space within our community and embrace a more intersectional feminist identity at USC.

Take Back the Night & Clothesline Project

“‘Survive. Speak. Thrive.’ Take Back the Night is a week of events dedicated to promoting awareness of and protesting against sexual violence. The purpose of Take Back the Night is to empower studetns to feel safe in their communities, while highlighting the need for institutional change in transforming a rape culture, rather than resorting to reactionary, victim-blaming policies.”

Body Love Month

The Body Love Initiative is WSA’s ongoing, yearlong Campaign to promote positive body image. This will include small to large public actions to promote positive body image and open discussions about the health concerns that many women and men face as a result of oppressive gender norms and limited, socially constructed images of beauty. As a part of the Body Love Initiative, WSA holds a month of events to raise awareness about body positivity, body diversity, and other discussions including, but not limited to, healthy body image, weight stigma, ableism, and healthy sexuality.